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Big Dawg Camp Commit Watch

Today is the first day of the annual BDC in Starkville. It is an assessment and evaluation camp put on by MSU that is invite only. It gives many of the current commits a chance to meet and bond. It also gives them a chance to work on some of the uncommitted guys which usually leads to a few commitments. It has turned into quite an event that Bulldog fans keep a close eye on. I’ll let the site guys do the coverage but I will give a few guys to keep an eye on over the weekend.

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Preview: Auburn Tigers

Head Coach:

Gus Malzahn 0-0 at Auburn

Recruiting Rankings:

2013- #13

2012- #11

2011- #8

2010- #6

4 year average- #9.5

Quick Analysis:

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Preview: Alabama Crimson Tide

Head Coach:

Nick Saban 63-13 (.829) at Alabama

Recruiting Ranking: 

2013- #1

2012- #1

2011- #1

2010- #5

4 year average- #2

Quick Analysis:

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My Favorite Message Board Rumor: Grade Risk

If you are someone who follows recruiting, you know that it is the same thing every single year. The same internet rumors always pop up wash, rinse, and repeat. The thing that baffles me is that folks still buy into it. Since I am an MSU grad, I’m speaking directly at my Bulldog brethren but this advice could and should be taken up by any fan base this time of the year. I’m talking about when your team lands a commitment before the recruit’s senior year has started and opposing fans go to the tried and true, “We didn’t take him because he won’t qualify academically.”

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Anyone Been to a Recruiting Title Reunion?

This has to be one of the funnier post I have seen on After a bunch of twitter troll attempts from the regular Ole Miss crowd, MSU blogger Coach34 responds with a classic message board post worthy of copying and posting. Enjoy.


As I was getting harassed this evening by some OM trolls about recruiting on twitter while I cooked on the grill- it made me think of how much they love imaginary, mythical titles. 

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An Honest Marshall Henderson Response

When news of the arrest and indefinite suspension first hit the public, I couldn’t help but to feel bad for him. I’m sure this wasn’t what you expected to read from me but give me a moment to explain my thoughts. By all accounts, it seems that Marshall is a good guy personally. Albeit an over emotional and extremely self-destructive fellow, but a decent human being nonetheless.

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