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Mullen’s Calls Must Be Efficient to Beat LSU

Last week’s win over South Carolina featured many positives that fans were clamoring to see. Mullen answered the bell with much more fire, emotion, and the team followed suit. The offense gained an identity under the leadership of Nick Fitzgerald and the defense played with an edge. While last week’s effort was a breath of fresh air, Mullen’s coaching was all over the place and the more talented LSU Tigers will require a more precise game-plan for the Dogs to pull the upset.

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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: Week 2

For all the great match-ups and lines in week 1, week 2 brings the exact opposite. One big stink fest. While SEC fas might complain that week 2 is everything wrong with college football scheduling, sports books would tell you that this is why vegas lines were created. Manufacturing interest where there is none. Don’t let a terrible week 2 lineup prevent you from going on a heater.

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MSU Suffers From Lack of Leadership at QB

With the best QB in program history now starting for the Cowboys, who would step in to the leadership vacuum? The opener against a weaker opponent was supposed to be the perfect venue for someone, anyone, to at least partially fill that void. Will the real MSU QB please stand up? Everyone remained seated. Saturday’s embarrassing loss to South Alabama put on display an offense that had no identity or leader at the game’s most important position, QB. As much as they’ll not want to admit it, fans knew this was coming.

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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: Week 1

Football is finally here and if Thursdays games showed you anything, week 1 can be a crap-shoot. That is exactly why I have emerged to help 3rd & 57 readers navigate these turbulent waters. Here are some picks for week 1 that should fatten that wallet.

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2017 MS DT Rankings

This year’s class may not have the star power of 2016 but don’t let that put you to sleep. There is some high quality talent well outside of the top 3. One interesting thing to notice is the number of smaller DTs that use quickness that are becoming more prevalent. With the evolution of the spread offenses, you’re seeing more guys in the mold of Isaac Gross. One last thing, watch Vincent Macintosh’s film. Trust me.

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2017 MS OL Rankings

The time has come to dive in to the 2017 offensive lineman. Another great year for prospects in Mississippi with the top 5 already committed to big-time programs but that’s not where the talents stops. Another interesting tidbit is all the private school OL at the top of the lists.

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