Mississippi 2016 RB Rankings

Here are the rankings for running backs in Mississippi in the class of 2016.

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Mississippi 2016 QB Rankings

It’s time to start ranking the 20156 Mississippi prospects by position. I’ll start with the most important position on the field, Quarterback.

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Key to Rebels 2015 Defense is Reloading

The Ole Miss Rebels defense was #1 in the nation in 2014 only allowing 16 points per game and all but 3 starters return. The key to 2015 will be reloading. Wait, what? Why in the world would returning 8 of 11 starters be considered a reloading project? Returning that many starters indicates that the Rebs are already loaded. What am I talking about you say?

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Ranking SEC 2015 OOC Schedules

#1- South Carolina Gamecocks

vs North Carolina

vs UCF

vs Citadel

vs Clemson

Analysis: Spurrier draws the most difficult OOC slate in the SEC. He gets 3 bowl teams from 2014: UNC, UCF, and Clemson. Dabo Swinnney has turned Clemson in to a perennial top-10 team and UCF has won 31 games the last 3 years. Add in that Fedora is likely coaching for his job in 2015. Al these factors make USC’s schedule the worst and spells potential doom for The Ole Ball Coach.

#2- Florida Gators

vs New Mexico State

vs East Carolina

vs Florida Atlantic

at FSU

Analysis: There is a huge drop-off from #1’s difficulty to the rest of the field but the Gators come in at #2. The Gators score big difficulty points for having to travel to Tallahassee for a rivalry game. The match-up with ECU is what put them at #2. Ruffin McNeil at ECU put the college football world on notice in 2014 by giving South Carolina a scare and then following that up with wins over Va Tech and UNC where they hung 70 on the Tar Heels. ECU is capable of beating anyone.

#3- Tennessee Volunteers

vs Bowling Green

vs Oklahoma

vs Western Carolina

vs West Texas

Analysis: The Vols come in 3rd and it is really only based on the Oklahoma game. They beat up on the Vols in Norman 34-10 but have to make the return trip this year. Bowling Green adds a little bit of sizzle as they won 8 games in 2015. Although this slate comes in at #3, Butch could skate through unscathed.

#4- Kentucky Wildcats

vs La Lafayette

vs Eastern Kentucky

vs Charlotte

vs Louisville

Analysis: You know it’s a down year in OOC games when this slate comes in at #4 but this is a schedule that will give Kentucky 2 big challenges. Opening up with ULL is a tough game considering that the Cajuns have won 9 games for 4 consecutive years. They do get Louisville at home but Petrino looks to have got that program rolling.

#5- Texas A&M Aggies

vs Arizona State (Houston)

vs Ball State

vs Nevada

vs Western Carolina

Analysis: The only thing that saves this schedule and puts it at #5 is the kickoff game with ASU. The Sun Devils won 10 games last year and look to be trending up. That should be a fun match-up with the 2 high-powered offenses. Ball State, Nevada, and Western Carolina will all be cakewalks.

#6- Missouri Tigers


at Arkansas State

vs UConn

vs BYU (Kansas City)

Analysis: None of these games are going to set off major interest outside of the Mizzou fanbase but this slate got to be #6 on the list because it has the Tigers away from home for their 2 toughest games. Arkansas State shouldn’t be a factor but they do have a pulse and they get Mizzou at their place. Gary Pinkel also gets points for getting a neutral game with BYU. That should be interesting.

#7- Georgia Bulldogs

vs UL Monroe

vs Southern

vs Ga Southern

at Georgia Tech

Analysis: It’s hard to come down on UGA for this schedule when they haven’t been shy about playing big-time OOC match-ups in the past. This year they get a break from the norm and it might be just what Richt needed to run that win total up. The one and only reason this schedule did not come up in the bottom half is because at Georgia Tech will be a really tough game. GT went 11-3 and brings back a dynamic option QB in Justin Thomas.

#8- Auburn Tigers

vs Louisville (Atlanta)

vs Jacksonville State

vs San Jose State

vs Idaho

Analysis: There is 1 intriguing match-up here and that is the season kick-off game with Louisville. Pertino looks to have the Cards rolling and that will be a fun game. Outside of that, this schedule is a complete snoozer. The opening game is the only reason this one isn’t dead last.

#9- Alabama Crimson Tide

vs Wisconsin (Dallas)


vs UL Monroe

vs Charleston Southern

Analysis: Very similar to the Auburn schedule in that the kick-off game has some intrigue but outside of that it’s a snoozer. The reason Bama’s slate came 1 behind Auburn is because I have Louisville being a tough opponent than Wisconsin in 2015.

#10- Arkansas Razorbacks


vs Toledo

vs Texas Tech

vs UT Martin

Analysis: Who would have thought 2 years ago that the toughest game on this schedule would be Toledo? The Rockets are a program that has won 42 games the last 5 years. They are good year in and year out. The Texas Tech game should have been a good one but it’s up in the air after the Red Raiders only won 4 games last year. I’m pinning all my hope on a new DC to save pretty boy’s job and make this an interesting game.

#11- Ole Miss Rebels

vs UT Martin

vs Fresno State

vs New Mexico State

at Memphis

Analysis: The Rebels are near the bottom because 3 of the 4 games are absolute snoozers. The game at Memphis will be interesting though. The Tigers went 10-3 last year and gave the Rebels fits at home early in that game. Where the Rebels placed in this ranking was solely on how I scored that game. I’m not considering it a true road game because the Rebels will paint the Liberty Bowl red and blue.

#12- Mississippi State Bulldogs

at Southern Miss

vs Northwestern State

vs Troy

vs La Tech

Analysis: This is the last year that the Dogs will get to schedule no one from a power 5 conference. The return trip to USM has some in-state interest but will garner very little outside of MS. The toughest game on the slate is La Tech. The Bulldogs won 9 games last year and gave MSU a rough one in 2011 nearly coming away with an upset.

#13- Vandy Commodores

vs Western Kentucky

vs Austin Peay


at Houston

Analysis: The one and only reason this isn’t the worst OOC slate in the conference is because of the road trip to Houston. The Cougars won 9 games in 2014 but lost a coaching staff so I’m not sure what to expect out of them. The sad part of this is as bad as this schedule is, I wouldn’t rule out Vandy splitting these games. Ouch.

#14- LSU Tigers

vs McNeese State

at Syracuse

vs Eastern Michigan

vs Western Kentucky

Analysis: If you want to see what the worst OOC schedule in the SEC looks like, look no further than what LSU has in 2015. 3 games in Death Valley where the opponent has no pulse and a trip to New York to play a Syracuse team that won 3 games in 2014. None of these games have any intrigue on any level at all. The one positive is that Les needs to rack up wins and this schedule surely allows that to happen.

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MSU Football Roster Myths Disproved

It sure doesn’t take long for the talking points regarding MSU football to fire up. Many of these points have their place on rival message boards but the regional media often latches on and regurgitates without an ounce of research. I’ve already heard it from numerous talking heads that MSU football will not be able to continue their success because they are losing so many starters. I decided to take a look and see if these talking points are based in any factual research or just pulled from thin air.

MSU only returns 4 starters on offense

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Postseason Not Out Of Question for Ray’s Dogs

With only 6 regular season games left in the 2014-15 season, Rick Ray’s MSU basketball team is not completely out of the conversation for a postseason invite. That’s certainly not something I thought I’d say on December 30th when the team was 6-6 and coming off a 66-47 loss to McNeese State. To get to the NCAA tournament MSU would have to win the SEC tournament but the NIT is not out of the question and the CBI could be a possibility as well (as long as SEC rules don’t forbid and invite). 

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