2017 Mississippi TE Rankings

The 2017 TE class in MS doesn’t have the numbers that the 2016 class had but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a look at this year’s crop. There is still major college football talent at TE in 2017 with an SEC commitment already in the mix.

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2017 Mississippi RB Rankings

Time to take a look at the ball carriers Mississippi has to offer in 2016. Sure everyone has heard of Cam Akers and Kylin Hill but have you taken a look at Reginald Hunter? Show me two more entertaining films than those of Isaiah Woullard and Jaley Adams. Let’s dive right in and rank these guys from the top on down.

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2017 Mississippi QB Rankings

Time to kick off 3rd & 57’s 2017 prep position rankings and I’ll start at QB. That will be followed up with each position group culminating in the state’s top 50 prospects regardless of position. MS has a solid group of QB’s this year that could easily put 4 guys in FBS on scholarship. Let’s get right to it.

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Today I Made a Sandwich

I was thinking that today was a day I needed to do some blog work. I’m starting to get in to the 2017 class for the top 5o I’ll get out eventually. While I’m letting those pre-planning thoughts roll around in my head, I thought about how much success  Red Cup Rebellion is having as a food blog and figured today I could share the story of my sandwich. 

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CFB Recruiting: This Thing Of Ours

“I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse. We want you to be a integral  part of this family and will do whatever it takes to reach an agreement”. A quote like that fits equally well in a scene from the Godfather or the college football recruiting trail. Bosses, or Godfathers, of the American Mafia used to sit above the fray of crime while their underlings applied their craft for the advancement of the “family” just as college football coaches do today with assistants and a network of alumni and fans on the recruiting trail.

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Witness Video Explanation of Nkemdiche Fall

The only 3 eyewitnesses provide insight as to what transpired when Robert Nkemdiche fell 4 stories.



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