MSU Football’s 2014 and Going Forward

2014 was a banner year for Mississippi State football with 10 regular season wins and a trip to the Orange Bowl. The Bulldogs even held the #1 ranking for 5 consecutive weeks. The disappointing end to the season has put a slight damper on what was the best season since the 40’s. I’d like to look back at the good, bad, and ugly and take a look into the future.

The Good

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Ole Miss Should Keep Chad Kelly

Everyone has seen the story about Chad Kelly and his fight in Buffalo nightclub. Everyone has been quick to point to his colored past. It seems as is the majority of Ole Miss fans are ready to cut ties with Kelly and move on to the next one. I think Rebel fans should take a step back and look at this without emotion. This incident isn’t one that should lead to an immediate dismissal.

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MSU DC Candidates

Former MSU DC Geoff Collins is on his way to Florida and the search is on for his replacement. One important piece of information is that Dan Mullen was just contacted about permission to speak to Collins yesterday. With Collins accepting the offer in less than 24 hours, it would be a safe assumption that MSU doesn’t have a list of candidates as much as they have a list of names that they want to get in touch with.

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Last Minute SEC Bowl Projections

Here is my final bowl projections. This year’s new system for picking really makes them guesses more than projections but here they are. Enjoy bowl season madness.

Alabama Crimson Tide (12-1)- National Championship Playoff vs Ohio State Buckeyes

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SECCG: 5 Questions

1. Mizzou leads the SEC in sacks with 38 and Blake Sims leads the SEC in passer rating? Does Mizzou’s pass rush drastically change Lane Kiffin’s game-plan and what will give?

This is perhaps the most important facet to this game. It’s a great match-up because it challenges the play design of Kiffin. Sims has had a great year but I still stand firm in that I think he’s first read QB. For that reason, I’m looking for quick passes that gets the ball out of his hands. One of the biggest strengths to Bama’s offense is the long-ball and the Mizzou pass rush has the talent to neutralize the play-action, 5-step drop opportunities. Will Kiffin go to the RB screen game? If the Mizzou pass rush can force Bama into a quick throw and run-heavy game-plan, they could keep this one a close game going into the 4th quarter.

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Who Is Ready for Bowl Selection Madness?

The 2014 regular season has ended and the only thing between us (fans) and complete madness in the bowl selections is the SEC Championship Game and the Playoff Selection Committee picking their four. This is a new year with a new process. Throw everything you used to know out the window. Throw out the old order of which bowl were more prestigious. None of that matters anymore.

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