CFB Recruiting: This Thing Of Ours

“I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse. We want you to be a integral  part of this family and will do whatever it takes to reach an agreement”. A quote like that fits equally well in a scene from the Godfather or the college football recruiting trail. Bosses, or Godfathers, of the American Mafia used to sit above the fray of crime while their underlings applied their craft for the advancement of the “family” just as college football coaches do today with assistants and a network of alumni and fans on the recruiting trail.

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Witness Video Explanation of Nkemdiche Fall

The only 3 eyewitnesses provide insight as to what transpired when Robert Nkemdiche fell 4 stories.




Why MSU Will Win

Cadaver Dawg is giving his keys for a Bulldog victory in the Battle of the Golden Egg.

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Why Ole Miss Will Win

When Steve texted me on Monday to say we aren’t doing Q&A, but to just give my 3 things Ole Miss must do to win, my response was I only have one. Move the game to Oxford. While that would be nice I think the following 3 things give Ole Miss the best chance to leave Starkville with a W.

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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: Week 13

Here are this week’s picks and score predictions. Get rich y’all.

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Beast’s Hot Takes: 3rd Edition

It’s time to speak some flaming hot truths from the week of college football that was. Dak Prescott, Les Miles, Florida, Urban Meyer, South Carolina, and Mark Richt are topics de jour.

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